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Smarter Hardware and Software Inventory

RayVentory offers comprehensive hardware and software scans either with an agent or through zero-touch agentless technology. It is a web or USB-pen drive which enables the discovery and inventory of computer devices, VMware, Hyper-V hosts, and Oracle database instances. It provides a smart scan and data gathering of physical and virtual devices at low costs as well as comprehensive reports about hardware, software, VMware, Hyper-V, OpenStack, and Oracle database servers. In addition, RayVentory removes barriers of complex IT infrastructures/data centers and possible limitations of the Work Councils allowing data gathering initiated by the end user himself (privacy).

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Software Recognition - RayVentory Advanced

RayVentoryAdvanced is an extension module of RayVentory. This extension provides in-depth software recognition by identifying the software raw data delivered by RayVentory. The software is an integration of database objects in the corresponding inventory solution. During setup, all tables and procedures are created, which are required for the software defi nitions and its calculation functionalities. The software for all relevant clients is calculated and cached using just one procedural execution.

There are the recognized 99% of the leading and 95% of all other software vendors and their software products of the raw inventory. The Report set provides an overview of the current status of numerous software installations. As a result there is a solid data base for all kinds of processes that has your software inventory as a basis.

Product Recognition

The product recognition definitions are created by a specialized team. Your inventory is compared with the existing recognition rules.


The calculated software contains information about the software vendor, product version and edition, license type, and upgrade and downgrade paths. The calculation creates a list which maps software and client.


Best-Practice-Workflow for Enterprise Application Lifecycle Management

Enterprise Application Lifecycle Management


Top Benefits

Various collection methods

  • Agent-based and agentless inventory of desktops and server systems
  • RayVentory2go with USB pen drive – enables the discovery of unmanaged or disconnected devices

Enables compliance

  • Better preparation for software audits through accurate and up-to-date overview of software assets
  • Customization possible to meet security requirements

Saves time and administrative overheads

  • Ability to schedule scans periodically
  • Remote discovery possible


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