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Products and Solutions for Comprehensive Enterprise Application Lifecycle Management

Our Enterprise Application Lifecycle Management Solutions include consulting support, software packaging services and products for companies carrying out complex software management projects. For example, setting up software packaging factories, performing operating system migrations or implementing new software distribution tools.

Best-Practice-Workflow for Enterprise Application Lifecycle Management

Workflow Tool from experts for experts

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Comprehensive & flexible

  • All-in-one Enterprise Application Lifecycle Management
  • Powerful suite, developed by software management experts for experts
  • Select the required module(s) and expand it later with additional tools or connect them to your existing environment

Easy implementation

  • Adapts to existing infrastructure and tools thanks to third-party tools
  • All phases of the software management are controlled by the workflow tool RayFlow
  • Only minimal training, thanks to recurring user interface user-friendly




  • A central database and a common user interface found throughout all RaySuite products
  • The use of Raynet also guarantees a uniform procedure and uniform use
  • Possibility to buy and use the individual products in RaySuite also autonomously
    Workflow Management    

Best-Practice-Workflow for Application Lifecycle Management

  • Web-based workflow system with a unique platform to support IT departments in their software packaging projects
  • Provides real time information and progress monitoring of all tasks in the software packaging lifecycle
  • Flexible mail notification of work status changes and visual alert elements
  • SLA management with several control options and detailed reports
  • Web-based as well as client version available
  • Integration of all packaging products offers a comfortable and intuitive access of all data and information
RayFlow Desktop 
    License Management    
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 Hardware and Software Inventory

  • Discovery of computer devices, VM Ware-hosts and Oracle database instances
  • Agent-based and agentless inventory allows inventory on desktops and servers
  • RayVentory2Go with USB-pen drive – enables the discovery of unmanaged devices
  • Also available as a powerful add-on for FlexNet Manager Platform and RayManageSoft customers




Software License Management

RaySAMi offers a comprehensive solution in the area of license management, also available as a managed service:

  • Inventory
  • Master catalogue
  • Contract management
  • License management
  • SAM Intelligence Modul
  • Data management
  • Finances
  • Optimization and simulation
  • Audit defense
  • License Control for SAP

Web Portal for Hardware, Software and Services

  • Catalogue management for products and services including dependencies
  • Improved ordering processes, for example, through an automatic matching of software requirements with the existing license inventory
  • Reduce procurement costs by bundling orders
  • Increase transparency by process monitoring and process indicators
  • Intuitive user guidance supports easy handling
  • Integration into RayFlow, which enables automation throughout the entire application lifecycle management process
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Software Evaluation

  • Easy automatic tool to generate professional documentation containing screenshots and descriptions for each installation step
  • Evaluation project can be easily exported (e. g. Office Word)
  • High level of customization (plug-in-based; reporting, custom templates etc.)
  • Integration in RayFlow allows the export of created documents for further use
  • Assessment whether all relevant package information are complete:
    - Required license key
    - Required hardware and infrastructure
    - Documentation
  • RayEval is a part of RayPack Studio

Best-of-Breed Software Packaging & Virtualization

  • Snapshot-based re-packaging of legacy installations
  • Direct handling of installation resources (e.g. MSI, MST) or importation into reusable project data
  • Creation  of virtual package formats (e.g. App-V, ThinApp, SWV), supporting of third party projects and Universal Apps (APPX)
  • Build and extend your Packaging Knowledge by intelligent modification markup
  • Supports the packager as well as the setup designers by creating individual installation routines (silent / UI based)
  • PackBench: Management of standardized packaging routines
  • RayPack is part of RayPack Studio

Quality Control for Software Packaging

  • Rule-based tool used to create and execute software package test criteria in easy checklists
  • Allows to create your own test criteria for each individual quality control phase in the software packaging lifecycle
  • Automated part of the test routines („Runbook“) through the integration of your own or Raynet’s developed automated test scripts
  • Integration in RayFlow allows an upload of reports and the export of checklists in RayFlow
  • RayQC is part of RayPack Studio

RayQC Advanced






Collision and Compatibility Management

  • Test the readiness of applications with respect to various target environments, e.g. OS systems or system snapshots (“Golden Image”)
  • Testing software with regards to its general suitability for virtualization, combination and/or compatibility
  • Test results are optimal communicated by means of comprehensive reports with detailed information per test point as well as test archive
  • Automated remediation for a number of compatibility issues
  • Integration in RayFlow allows the import of applications and packages from RayFlow into RayQC Ad-library
  • RayQC Advanced is part of RayPack Studio
  RayQC Advanced Desktop



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New Generation of Software Deployment

  • Deploys OS and software applications automatically and centrally
  • Proactive patch management and monitoring of patch releases
  • Enhanced roll-out control: allows a much more controlled roll-out in waves, giving administrators the opportunity to promptly react on unplanned events
  • Desired state (self-healing) and task-based deployment

Intuitive Mobile Device Management solution (MDM)

  • Managing Apple, iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices via an intuitive Management Solution
  • Comprehensive terminal directives and protection of the personal data and distant configuration of terminals by MDM
  • Firm‘s proprietary App Store and Installation of Apps on a real-time basis by Mobile App Management
  • Distribution of documents on mobile devices by means of Mobile Content Management
  RayManageSofti Desktop