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Best Practice Application Lifecycle Management Workflow

RayFlow is more than just a workflow tool for packaging factories. It is a workflow management tool that collects and provides required information via tasks and phases, tailored to project needs of any complexity level. It operates as joining link between teams and their tools. RayFlow controls and observes the workflow for the overall Application Lifecycle: From license management to deployment, from application owners up to project managers and external stakeholders.

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Decades of experience

When the first worldwide packaging factory was created in cooperation with Wise (Altiris) 10 years ago, it was Raynet’s task to define worldwide standards to enable best practices in software packaging. RayFlow is the result of our competence and our decade-long experience in this area. RayFlow today is not only the leading workflow tool in the software packaging world but encompasses the entire Application Lifecycle Management.

Best Practice Approach

RayFlow makes it easy for you to implement the latest best practice approaches. With role-based access, implementation according to ITIL, comprehensive reporting capabilities, audit, and configurable process phases, which all allow simple and reliable SLA management, RayFlow’s functionalities and handling are simply unique.

Experts in the field of software packaging

Raynet has the largest team of certified trainers and consultants in the area of software packaging in the world. On a daily basis, these experts bring their comprehensive knowledge and their year-long experience into the development of our product. Thanks to our customer-driven approach and the hands-on input from our experts, RayFlow has become what it is today. A workflow tool from experts for experts.

RayFlow does not operate in a sterile, monolithic environment

In fact, there is an inevitable trigger for the intensive contact with a vast variety of tools and system environments: the conceptual keynote that RayFlow is the controlling backbone of business processes. A workflow management system does not only have to communicate and interact with a heterogeneous enviroment, but has to master this in a way that emphasizes on aspects such as security and stability. Even though the tools of the RaySuite product family are optimized to work best in conjunction with each other, the RayFlow data service fully covers 3rd party tool integration as well.



Best-Practice-Workflow für Enterprise Application Lifecycle Management

Ein Workflow-Tool von Experten für Experten


RayFlow Feature Highlights 5.0

  • Direct package deployment to RayManageSofti (RMSi) and System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) with the new deployment wizard
  • Integration with Package Store provides an overview of all available packages from the store as well as the direct connection to the online shop

Detailed information


Top Benefits

Faster Software Rollout

  • Speeds up packaging processes by implementing customer-defined phases
  • Better quality leading to lower reject rates and quicker project completion

Improves Quality

  • ​Support of best practice processes such as ITIL
  • Implementation of quality monitoring gateways
  • Higher achievement rates in SLA management

​Reduces Costs

  • Reliable software deployment
  • Minimization of software mistakes
  • Reduction of helpdesk efforts

Enables Compliance

  • Powerful tracking system for SLA management
  • Audit trail is secured via role-based access
  • Reliable reporting and status updates


  • Automatization of packaging processes and associated Application Lifecyle processes
  • Connects teams worldwide; from packaging engineer to management


  • Individual reports
  • Standard reports
  • Dashboard functionality

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