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Success starts with analyzing your data

Companies analyzing their data have a decisive edge over competitors. Our mission is to provide you with a tool that allows you to answer any possible question you have about your company. With a platform, which meets the needs of Business and IT, empowering your company to analyze small and big data, visualize it and create a single version of truth, availiable on every device.

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Our solution enables every user to handle and visualize data, create interactive filter and share insights with other users. Because of our unique combination of Dashboards, Reports and Calculations in one solution, we are able to offer a data office for users, which gives the user all the tools he needs to run companywide Business Intelligence. All analyzes can be shared with only one click and can be viewed at any device.


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File sources
Connect file sources like Excel, XML or csv, or just use our integrated Calculations module.

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Data bases
Connect data bases like Oracle, MSSQL, MySQL and many more.

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Live services
Connect live services and OLAP services.




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Connect data
Connect your data to answer every possible question you can think of.

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Prepare data
Prepare your data with our mighty request builder. Create custom fields, select columns and filter your data.

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Build one single version of truth and create beautiful analysis of your data


  • Real time analytics to make decisions based on the most current data
  • No dependency on your IT
  • Time-saving, because you only work with the most current data automatically
  • Keep an eye on your whole company


  •  Unite and combine date sources with just a few mouseclicks
  • Only reading database accesses through co-workers
  • Time-saving through Self-Service-Business Intelligence
  • Co-workers can create reports and dashboards on their own
  • Fast implementation and no maintenance effort 


  • Already existing Excel analyzes can be integrated without problem
  • Automatically get the newest data
  • Build analyzes by drag and drop
  • Easiest provision of analyzes


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