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Packaging Suite includes powerful tools with new features that automate and accelerate holistic packaging projects.

The Packaging Suite and RayFlow cover all the steps: From compatibility checks of your software applications and packages to the evaluation to the packaging and the subsequent quality control as well as to the clearly structured workflow management. The perfectly matched software products allow to efficiently pass through the individual phases of a packaging process. At the same time, they enormously accelerate your workflow: The integration of all products into RayFlow enables an extremely comfortable exchange of data and information.

Workflow Management

Get an overall overview and achieve a professional management during the entire packaging process, also over different locations. The detailed and customized reports provide a reliable reporting and status updates in real time.

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01 Application Readiness

Import your applications and software packages directly from the workflow tool RayFlow into the RayQC Advanced library. This allows you to automatically execute collision and compatibility checks. The test results will be used during the evaluation phase.

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02 Software Evaluation

Create professional evaluation documents including all customer requirements as well as configurations. Just add the results from the collision and compatibility testing. With RayEval you have the optimal basis for an error-free packaging.

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03 Software Packaging

Open your MSI, RPP, and MST files directly from RayFlow. Based on the packaging instructions you can edit and create both, classical and virtual package formats. Technical tests ensures that the created software package works correctly according to the documents of the evaluation and the technical analysis. Save your work results back to RayFlow, so that the quality control of your package can start.

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04 Quality Assurance

Create and execute test criteria for your software package in one or more checklists by again using the evaluation documents. Provide a perfect functionality and also an accurate delivery of your applications.

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Workflow Management

Why Raynet?

  • Our Packaging Suite provides all the tools that you need for packaging processes - everything from one single source.
  • The intuitive use of tools enables a quick entry and also ensures not only a seamless but also a multi-phase implementation of the entire process.
  • Benefit from years of experience and the expertise of our employees which they have been collecting since 1999, and which has been integrated into the development of our products.

Advantages RayFlow

Workflow Management

  • Powerful tracking system for SLA management
  • Connects teams worldwide; from packaging engineer to management
  • Support of best practice processes such as ITIL

RayFlow Feature Highlights

Advantages RayQC Advanced

Application Readiness

  • Next to software applications and packages also merge modules, legacy setups, and os snapshot can be tested for compatibility
  • Four rule-based testing procedures: OS and environment compatibility, Software harmonization, Virtualization and Web application browser compatibility
  • Test results are communicated by means of comprehensive reports

RayQCad Feature Highlights

Advantages RayEval


  • Automated capturing of installation routines
  • Easily export the evaluation project using your favorite format (Microsoft Word, PDF, etc.)
  • Highly customizable (plug-in-based customer templates, customer-driven project ownerships, etc.)
  • Complete work preparation for software packaging and the majority of the quality assurance; which significantly reduces the reject rates
  • The created document can directly be exported to RayFlow and will be available for further usage
  • Automated capturing of installation routines

RayEval Feature Highlights

Advantages RayPack


  • Repackaging with the fastest capture-engine on the market
  • Support for Universal and Modern Applications (AppX wrapping)
  • Intelligent modifi cation markup enhance the packaging experience
  • Maximal scalability of the packaging infrastructure
  • Easy management of standardized packaging routines thanks to our PackBench

RayPack Feature Highlights

Advantages RayQC

Quality Control

  • RayQC increases the quality of your software deployments through multi-level and standardized test plans
  • Our Best Practices Templates deliver a solid basis, which can easily and quickly be amended to suit your company-specific requirements
  • The open plug-in interface allows for the integration of your existing scripts into a checklist

RayQC Feature Highlights

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