Lessons learned - Discovering the "Internet of Things"

"Your data will remain, the Infrastructure will change."
Lately we have been talking to a lot of people in the IT industry with a wide variety of operational fields on the US market. Discussing solutions, Performing POCs , providing the Discovery tool.
I would like to share some lessons I have learned and how we had great success introducing and selling our Discovery tool.

"Discovery" - Most Solutions miss important Information
Data is the backbone if you want to do a proper job in terms of ITSM, ITAM, Software Asset Management. To enable the perfect operation in various fields of IT Operation, Customers share a common goal "We need the most accurate and reliable data of all Hardware and Software Assets" In a perfect world you will Discover and Inventory all your Assets in a Single Solution: From my experience no tool on the market will accomplish that goal, our Tool "RayVentory" Included.

100% Accuracy? No way! But we are pretty damn close.
While following the essential goal of creating Data records, a Discovery tool is only as good as the Commitment, the Knowledge and the People behind the product. I'd like to say that Products are the outcome of Peoples joint effort that are bundled in a efficient Structure called a company.

Your new best Friend
From my experience we succeed because People in our company have learned to identify the different requirements People have, support them and make sure to meet all of their requirements on a technical, personal and architectural level. You don't have Company as a "Customer". You work on relations to people working with other people.

Companies are looking for Partners, not for Resellers.  

Raynet's Success
Since we work in small teams we can directly react to requirements that come from the Business drivers ( our Customers ). 

RayVentory as our Inventory solution is utilized as a Framework to extend the functionality based on customer needs. Keeping the technology simple, yet intelligent  to follow our common goal of creating the best Inventory solution on the market. We guarantee the best price on the market for our Enterprise customers.

If you like to know more about our Solution, our capability of creating a accurate Inventory for your Network follow the link below or contact me directly: RayVentory
In case you didn't know. We also OEM Aspera Smarttrack to deliver the full Software Management Solution: RaySAMi

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